A letter to my sister

Global war breaking out I’m doing doordash for some reason and really fuck up an order to LAX. And I’m with you. I order for myself too from a mexican restaurant and try to pick up both myself while the employees are on break. They see me and get mad and don’t let me take it without meeting me in the bosses’ office. I sneak around and grab them and on the way to LAX a major conflict breaks out and the gov police state starts beating / tasing / shooting and warding people with kind of a star wars electrocuting vibe. I abandon the doordash order and go off with you somewhere. We are then on foot somehow and then go to mainland china as war refugees and now global war is tearing apart every corner of civilization because of the LA sci fi style military police riot. We are on the run and in hiding alone. We’re looking for food and shelter and take what we can. You’re amazing and finds things like abandoned food orders and cleaning products. I go up a mile high tree to look for resources while we both “fish.” You find fish and I am kind of dawdling in this tree saying we can make it our shelter. She’s doing so much better and stockpiling resources in a bathtub in a just-abandoned home. You and the presence of out family still have morals and guilt for ransacking life but I convince them to act meaninglessly in pursuit of their survival because of my moral fall from grace starting with the doordashing theft and culminating in my willingness to raid and kill. You have a phone and internet for some reason and want to give up and take a plane to somewhere you perceive to not be as affected by the war and where you have an easier chance of culturally adjusting and succeeding. I think alone. You want to connect from khmer to some final mysterious country I can’t remember.