Letter to my sister

Dreamed that our whole family was going to a giant annual perfume expo where hundreds of young perfumers brought their new formulas to hopefully get discovered by buyers. It was in the future and because we were just random people we could only preview the smells with the scent emitter feature on phones. You didn’t know who made which one because the buyers were supposed to be unbiased and smell blind. Kanye West was there for some reason like the keynote speaker MC. We couldn’t spend a long time there because it was a long drive and late at night so I was quickly trying to go through as many scents as I could on the phone to find what I liked. All the perfumers were sitting at different tables sorted by letter of alphabet. The tables had art deco central podiums like carousels. My favorite scent was called “Dragon An Hunted An” so because of the last word they were at the A table. There were a lot of really weak and amateur scents cus a lot of these people were just graduating from perfume school but even on the phone you could smell this one was very delicate, complex, and intriguing. We had to get ready to go… And you STOLE THE REAL BOTTLE out of the freezer at table A!!!! They brought such concentrated small quantities that all the real perfumes were just frozen in large double-wall glass bottles to be diluted. (Not true to life no reason to freeze.) I was so mad. You wanted me to smell it irl before we left and said you would put it back. You just mixed a tiny bit with water which did NOT do a good job diluting it so it wasn’t even worth it. And, even more so, on the bottle it was clear this specific perfume was made by cool and hip trans people. Where a barcode would be said ‘T4T’. All the bottles looked really cool, especially frosted out of the freezer. The hosts immediately found out you did this and we got kicked out and banned from the entire expo, and everyone hated us. THANKS A LOT!!!